A day in the life of a Husker Fan

I was able to go to the Nebraska vs. Texas Tech game today in Lincoln.  Aimee was going to go with but she ended up coming down with a cold so it was my dad and I.   I haven't been to a game in about 3 years, so it was fun to finally go to one again.  I have to say I am not use to the weather at all.  I bundle up like I was in the North Pole.  I brought a camera along and took some pictures of the game.  Sad to say the huskers lost :(Husker-football-pictures



We had to stop at one of my favorite sandwich shops.  Jimmy Johns!  Soo good!


Met up with my good friend Jason.  He is finishing up school at UNL right now.


We didn't go here but I just had to show my favorite pizza place ever!  Valentino's.  They don't have pizza like that in California.

Husker-football-picturesPicture of the Husker band getting ready to enter the stadium


husker-stadiumMemorial Stadium


priscilla-bronsenWe met up with my friends Bronsen and Priscilla.  I use to play basketball with Bronsen in highschool on a traveling summer team.  They might look familiar.  Bronsen played basketball for the Huskers and Priscilla ran track.  She just won a Bronze medal at the last Olympics.

Huskers Game Day from Troy Grover on Vimeo.

Here's a video I did of the Husker fans entering the stadium.  Just a sea of red.


husker-football-pictures-fansSo when the huskers score they have a tradition of releasing a red balloon.  That didn't happen for a long time at this game


Husker-stadium-pictureI did a couple HDR photos at the game :)



And here's a picture of the sad fans.  It was such a disappointing game.  Huskers were embarassed today