At Home in the Forest

This past week Troy & I made it out to our FAVORITE place - Forest Home! I grew up going to summer camp every year with my it has a very special place in my heart. My dream as a kid was to someday work in the snack shop & make yummy shakes for all the campers. In college I did end up working at Forest Home...but not in the shake shack. I was on the recreation team life guarding at the lake and operating the challenge course. Those were some of the most fun summers of my life! Not to mention I met my sister's husband & worship guru Brian Wurzell there...and I also met my Troy :) Our day trip up to the mountain was SO much fun! I even ran into my friend and co-lifeguard Brother Nature - he looked pretty epic by his truck :) Seriously, this place has had an incredible impact on our lives! We love you FoHo!

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