Grover House // Before + After

Yay! We are excited to finally share the rest of our kitchen + living space renovation we did on our 1960's home. Removing part of the wall that divided the kitchen and family room really opened up the space, and let in more natural light. We did most of our renovation back in the fall of 2012, when we purchased our house...but we are still adding things here and there to make it feel like home. Since our last post, we actually had to change out our flooring due to a sprinkler leak (ya, not too fun!). But we are really excited about our lighter and more natural looking floors! Hope you enjoy the little tour. I've been heisting on posting...because our home never really feels finished in the decorating department. We always have more projects on our list and some blank walls that still need love...but I guess that's the fun part of owning a home! It never really is finished...its always a work in progress! Here are some Before photos (from when we purchased our home from the previous owners) and now the afters! <3 Aimee Grover-House-Renovation-01Grover-House-Renovation-02Grover-House-Renovation-03Grover-House-Renovation-04Grover-House-Renovation-05Grover-House-Renovation-06Grover-House-Renovation-07Grover-House-Renovation-08Grover-House-Renovation-09Grover-House-Renovation-10Chalk-Board-WallGrover-HouseWest-Elm-Pendant-LampGrover-HouseGrover-HouseGrover-HouseIkea-KitchenGrover-House-RenovationWest-Elm-Light