GROW // Think Tank Camera Bag

Welcome to my new blog series called GROW. Throughout the course of our business, we have seen so much change, and have been reminded countless times how important it is to keep a humble mindset and be willing to grow. To help inspire other photographers  to keep growing and trying new things, we've decided to do a blog post once a week talking about new products, software and business.  If you have any products you want me to review, or if you are a photographer & have any topics you'd like to hear about, leave a comment below or send me an e-mail.  To start the series off, I thought I'd start with a recent purchase of mine, the Think Tank Airport International V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag. // Troy  

I will always remember the time when I was running through the airport trying to catch my connecting flight home. It was a dead sprint to the gate. That was the day my 70mm-200mm lens hit the ground as my camera bag broke and everything fell out.

I still made the flight, but without incurring some extra “expenses”. This is why now, I always invest in quality camera bags. I have realized that a camera bag might cost $300+, but it is protecting my gear, which is way more valuable.


I recently ordered this bag to carry all my gear, whether I am flying half way around the world or driving down the coast. Its compact size and heavy-duty construction makes it the perfect choice for professional and amateur photographers alike.


One thing that stood out to me when looking to buy a new camera bag was security. The Think Tank Airport International V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag has locking zippers to stop anyone from opening your bag during travels or while shooting a wedding. It also comes with a cable and lock that allow you to secure the camera bag to any object if you are leaving your hotel room or something.


Being on the taller side, I was excited to find the extendable handle was longer than most bags, allowing me to walk without bending over while going through the airport. Lastly, this bag is perfect for wedding photographers who carry multiple camera bodies and lenses. So perfect!


We are so excited to add the Think Tank Camera Bag to our collection of equipment that we use on a normal basis and know that it will be a part of plenty of adventures and destination weddings to come!

Think Tank Airport TakeOff™ Rolling Camera Bag