Katie and Erik - Engaged

So Katie and Erik had mentioned to me the idea of having horses at their engagement shoot.  I thought that it would be great!  This would be my first time having horses at a shoot.  Erik is a knight at Medieval Times and Katie works at an animal shelter so I knew we would be in good hands.  Well... the story goes...    Erik was on the ex race horse and you could tell it was starting to act up.  About a minute before the trainer said that the horse never goes up or bucks.  Well sure enough the horse starts freaking up and goes up on its back two legs and the trainer was right underneath the horse.  The horse came down on the trainer.  All the hikers around started freaking out and wanted to call 911 because at first it wasn't looking so good.  The trainer was shaken up but luckily the horse didn't come down on her directly and everything was a o k.   After that incident we just decided to use the one horse instead of 2.  Tips for taking engagement pictures with a horse is patience.  Here are a few of my favorite images.