My 3 favs

Here are 3 of my favorite things. 3.  If you haven't heard of Groupon you need to go check it out.  The idea of it is they send you amazing coupon offers that you can buy.  So a local coffee shop might offer a $20 gift card and you can buy it for only $10.  They have a new groupon everyday for each city.

2.  Kobe Bryant's LA Times Photoshoot

Yes, believe it or not, the picture below is of Kobe Bryant.  This is one of my favorite things right now because it is so random.  I wish I could have been on set for this.  I can only imagine what it's like to direct a NBA All Star in a shoot like this.

1.  And of course the LAKERS!!!!!!

What an awesome series against Boston going to game 7.  I'm so happy the Lakers won!!!  BTW did anyone hear Ron Artest thank his Psychiatrist???