Learning from the best

At the start of our photography journey together, Troy & I had no intentions of being "models" or the subjects of the lens ourselves. However, some unique opportunities came our way that gave us the chance to learn from some of the best photographers we love and admire - Jose Villa, Jessica Claire, Robert Evans and Jasmine Star. In this post I thought it would be fun to share our experience on the other side of the camera & how it has opened our eyes and made us better photographers.

(Photographed by Jose Villa)

This summer I fell in love with Jose Villa - as a photographer that is :) I spent the summer reading through his blog and listening to his podcast interviews online. Something about his use of light and soft colors in his film are just magical. Troy & I were asked to model for a special Metallic shoot for Martha Stewart's wedding blog & when we heard Jose Villa was the photographer we jumped at the opportunity. When we first started shooting, we both felt at ease with Jose. He had the cutest little voice behind the camera and was constantly communicating with us. "Oh coooooool," "Great, greaaaaat," "Now give Troy a soft kiss. Not too much of a pucker. Yeaaaaaah..." Were some of the things he would say :) I found his direction to be very soft & specific and it made me feel more comfortable. This experience being photographed by Jose Villa made me realize how important good communication is when we are shooting our clients. So glad our college majors in communication are coming in handy. See mom & dad - I knew it would pay off :)

(Photographed by Jessica Claire)

Shortly after our wedding early this year, Troy & I had the chance to model as the bride and groom for Jessica Claire's workshop. It was definitely an experience getting shot by a dozen photographers and it was fun getting to know Jessica. She is a very strong woman with so much experience and I admire her ability to take control of a room. During the workshop, we staged a ceremony and Jessica demonstrated how she moves around the room while shooting a wedding. She isn't afraid to step into the action for a moment to get the perfect shot. I think what I took away from this workshop experience is the importance of trust. There is nothing better than having clients who give you the creative freedom and trust to capture their day as you see it.

(Photographed by Robert Evans)

Robert Evans is an amazing photographer with years and years of experience. He has photographed some of Hollywood biggest weddings of celebrities like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as well as Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. He has an incredibly relaxed and yet confident demeanor about him. He has been a great mentor to Troy for the past couple of years & it was truly an honor to have him photograph our wedding. On my wedding day, I felt a little stressed and jittery for all that was ahead. Robert's calm confidence was the perfect remedy for our nerves that day. The experience of having Robert Evans shoot our wedding taught us to have a calm sensitivity to our brides and grooms on their wedding day and a confidence that we will deliver the best photos we can.

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(Photographed by Jasmine Star)

Jasmine puts the star in rock star. She is a rock star photographer and has the personality to back it up! Some of our engagement photos were taken by her at a Photog ShootOut. I was super excited to see her in action and take direction from her. She is very energetic and animated - which made working with her all the more fun. She has the ability to make you feel like a big deal - and that is noteworthy in itself :) I liked that she had us moving around & taking some action shots while having us channel on our inner JCrew models. Our experience being shot by Jasmine taught us to try new things with our clients and always have fun while shooting.