Our First Year // Married

It's officially been one year since I married my best friend Aimee.  It has been an amazing 1st year!  I'm so thankful for the love that Aimee gives me and I love her so much!  This year we headed out to Palm Springs for a little getaway to celebrate.  On our trip out there we stopped at Strawberry Farms for lunch (where we got married).  On our trip we also brought along a wedding gift we received last year from our friends Jon and Lydia. A special decorated jar that we were to put love notes, ticket stubs, and money in throughout the year.  On our anniversary we smashed it open and re-lived all of the memories and love notes inside. It was a happy sad weekend - happy in the sense that we were celebrating one year, but sad in the sense that our first year as newlyweds was over. Are we still considered newlyweds? Maybe for a few more years?