My Proposal Story

So this post is long past due but I figured what better time to share my proposal story the week before our wedding. So here we go....  It was early summer and I had been traveling a ton for work and hadn't seen Aimee for about 2 weeks.  We both had a Saturday off which was rare so we decided to make it a full day of fun.  I called her the night before and told her I would pick her up at 10am to go to breakfast.   I surprised her with this fabulous champagne brunch cruise that goes through the Newport Harbor.  It was actually on John Wayne's old Yacht.  After the cruise, my plan was to go kayaking but it was a little to cold so my friend had told me about this house on the Peninsula to check out (which is now the house we will be living in).  We walked by it and tried to peak in windows and then took a walk on the beach.    At this point we were both kind of chili so we decided to go get some starbucks at Fashion Island.  While we were drinking our coffee Aimee said that we should go see a movie, but I convinced her that we should stop at Crystal Cove Beach to do a little photo shoot of the two of us just with the camera on a timer.  We walked all the way down the cliff and then some, Aimee kept saying why can't we just do it here, but soon she would find out that I had a full picnic setup with flowers and candles on the beach.  My friend Katie Townley who is making our wedding cake, made us this incredible dinner.   Next I showed Aimee a slideshow of all the pictures we had together and then gave her an e-mail that I printed off the day after our first date.   I sent this e-mail to my buddy Jon saying "I just had my last first date".  To see what happened next watch the video :)

The Proposal from Troy Grover on Vimeo.






This is a picture of the setup on the beach.  Big thanks to my friend Alex Jones for carrying all of that down there.

After the proposal we went to Koffee Klatch in Laguna Beach.  I had Alex drop off these special mugs that Aimee and I had and when we got there they served our coffee in them and said congratulations!