Digital vs. Film // Mastin Labs Review


A few weeks ago, we did behind the scenes blog post showing before/afters of our digital photos processed with the new Fuji Pro Pack from Mastin Labs. We had an overwhelming amount of positive responses to the post, and several photographers requesting that we share some of our digital vs. film examples! Though no film emulation presets will ever be identical to film, we feel like Mastin Labs gets our images close enough, where we just need a few tweaks. Film has a really beautiful depth to it, and it's coloring can vary depending on where you get it scanned/developed. So those two factors will never get digital and film photos to look exactly alike with just one click.

Here are some of our digital vs. film photos from Joni + Conner’s Joshua Tree engagement shoot we photographed this past Spring. The digital photos were shot on the Canon 5dMkIII with the 50 mm 1.2 or the 85 mm 1.2 and processed with Fuji Pro 400H Neutral and then tweaked from there!

(Below: Left image is digital processed with Mastin Labs Fuji Pro Pack, Right image is fuji 400H film shot on the Contax 645)


We still love shooting film, and in no way are we using Mastin presets to replace film, but they are a great tool in helping us mesh the two together :) We feel like film has made us better photographers in a lot of ways...and has helped us fine tune our coloring/editing.

(Below: Left images are digital processed with Mastin Labs Fuji Pro Pack, Right images are fuji 400H film shot on the Contax 645)


We don't usually shoot digital backup for all of our engagement/portrait sessions that we shoot on film. We just snapped a few this day because we went all the way out to Joshua sorry that the angles aren't exact :) Hopefully this gives you enough of an idea of how the presets work in conjunction with film.


Hope you found this review helpful! We have been so thrilled with these presets, and would have shared about them for free, but Mastin is giving us a little kick back for any of our friends who decide to buy! Click HERE to check them out! Also, feel free to leave comments/questions below and we will do our best to answer!