So who's going to be YOUR Wedding Photographer??

As a wedding photographer myself and being engaged, the number one questions I get is "So who's going to be your wedding photographer?"  It gives me great pleasure to announce that Robert Evans will be our wedding photographer! Robert is not only an amazing photographer but a fantastic guy.  I think one thing that is so important on choosing your wedding photographer is picking someone not only that you get along with but someone that you trust.  Robert has been a mentor of mine over this past year and I know hands down he has what it takes to capture the beauty of my bride :) Also, he has an on-line photography social networking & school called

To learn a little bit about him go to his website and watch the introductory video. You'll see that he has taken Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes,   Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston's weddings along with many more celebrity weddings.     And of course he's going to be taking the famous Aimee and Troy wedding ;)


You can see more of Robert's work on his flickr page