Here's an e-mail I got from an inspiring photographer.  I answered her questions and though I would put it on here for everyone to find out that much more about me ;) What camera did you start with? I started out with the Canon 40d

What camera do you currently use? Right now I use the canon 5d Mark II and I LOVE it!

What type(s) of computer and software do you use? I run everything off of macs. I have an iMac and a Macbook Pro. Software I use is Photoshop, Lightroom and Photo Mechanic to sort through my pictures.

Do you rely mostly on the camera’s filtering or computer enhancement for your photos? For the most part I will always enhance every photo on my computer to make them that much better

Do you rely on natural lighting or did you invest in artificial/enhancement tools? I love natural light. If I can I love to use reflectors to get the warm creamy goodness in the photo. For studio shoots we use alien bees strobes. Those are inexpensive for what they are and they work great

How did you begin networking with other photographers? First starting out I went to every possible network photography thing there was. Whether it was playing poker at beckers or taking a workshop up at David Jay's house. After all the things I've been to, I know and am friends with a good group of photographers. One thing I heard that stuck with me is your Network is your Networth

Do you use your photography as your main source of income, or do you have another job?Photography is my only job, but yet it doesn't feel like a job because I love it. The part of the business of taking pictures is maybe only 20% of it and I absolutely love, and the rest of it is just like running a small business which is something that I've always wanted to do.

How many hours of the week do you spend on site? In the studio? During the busy season right now I would say I'm spending about 15 - 20 hours shooting a week, and spending about 20 hours in the office or client meetings.

How did you begin building your website? Good question to ask because the software I use, you can actually build your website for free right now. They have a limited time offer and I would take advantage of it. They are just trying to get people to try out the software to let you know how great it is. Give it a try... showitfast.com

Did you take classes before-hand, or did you just notice a natural ability? I did not take any "school" classes I mainly just took workshops. Anytime there was one I would sign up for it. There are a ton of them out here in California so it was easy for me to get involved. As much as I thought I had a natural ability at first it does take some time to develop your eye in the right way.

How many seminars/classes do you attend now that your business is going? Right now I would say I go to 1 a month. I go to the Smug Mug users group which they have setup in big cities across the nation. Its a good way to connect with local photographers and they also have a guest speaker every month

How often do you travel?

Right now I'm traveling around 1-2 times a month. It seems that about 40% of my weddings are out of state

….Where did you start?????

I started shooting for a buddy (Cory Jones) who does dance photography. ceventpics.com And he had me traveling on the weekends to cover dance competitions and that is kind of where I got my start. I realized that I had a passion for it and wanted to do it.

_JEZ5348Thanks to Jeremiah for this picture