SurferMoon // Print for Sale


When we were first married & living in Newport Beach on the Balboa Peninsula, Troy was on the beach one night and snapped this shot of a surfer headed out to the water.  We have no clue who the surfer is, but it has become one of our all time favorite photos. If I could hang this canvas in every room I would...I love it that much. The color of the sunset, the moon, the water...ahh I just love it!!  So I thought I'd take the opportunity to share one of our favorite things with you! If you are interested in purchasing this canvas, or a print of SurferMoon to frame - click HERE. And be sure to send us a photo once it's up! *puppy dog not for sale :) Muah - Aimee Head to the SHOP and click "buy"  to purchase your canvas or print!