Washington DC Wedding - Josh and Stacey - Slideshow

Here is the slideshow of the wedding I shot in Washington DC a couple weeks ago.  You have probably seen some of these if your friends with me on facebook.  Josh and Stacey both come from incredible families.   They took care of me the whole trip there and back and even brought me to the rehearsal dinner.  I seriously felt like I knew them for 5 years but in reality I had just met them that day.  Both of their parents are ministry and Josh's family is from New Zealand.  It was fun to have such thick accents around.  I did a lot of nodding my head trying to piece together what they just said.   It is such a blessing to be able to fly around and photograph weddings all over.  And Washington DC is such a great place to go to do that. I just landed in Omaha last night for a wedding I'm shooting on Saturday.  It's good to be back in the big O!