We Hope the Best...

About 5 years ago I was working with a colleague and his big philosophy was that he hoped the best for people.  No matter how rude the customers were to him he always had one thing to say about them and it was "We hope the best for them".  This was something I decided to take on in my life at the time and it has made a great change in my thoughts, actions, and love towards people.  I challenge you to "hope the best for people".  I'm still at Aimee's family's house in Seattle and there was a book I picked up by Richard Carlson and I turned to this page.  Read below: "Let's be honest here.  Have you ever found yourself secretly wishing someone else would fail? I don't mean you wish them any serious bad luck, only that they don't become even more successful than you?  Sometimes it's hard to wish others well, particularly those you see a colleague get the promotion you worked so hard for.  It's difficult to see your kid sister on tv, or your neighbor abl to purchase a new car.  We're human; we get jealous.  I've had clients who were even a little jealous of their own spouse's success.

While it can be seductive, or at least habitual, to secretly desire  to keep others at your level, it's absolutely, positively not in your best interest.  The way to rise to the top is to wish everyone well, to hope with all your heart that everyone can expand to their greatest potential, to wish that the people you know, and those whom you don't know can all realize their dreams and achieve greatness.

It's critical to know that there is plenty of success to go around.  In fact, as people achieve their goals, the pie gets even bigger for the rest of us.  We don't want to see one another at our lowest common denominator but at our highest common vision.  We can all succeed and each time someone does - anyone- it helps the rest of us.

When you wish someone well, it creates a momentum within you, an inner environment of success.  It reminds your spirit of your loving and deserving nature.  It creates the atmosphere within you to help you succeed and create abundance.  When you delight in the success of others, it's as if you are sprinkling the seeds for a garden of success.

As you wish others well, notice how good it feels.  When your wishes are sincere, they will serve as a reminder that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.  Truly, it feels as good to see someone else succeed as it does to succeed yourself.  Start delighting in the success of others and watch your own level of greatness soar! "

by Richard Carlson