Giddy over albums

Today Julie + Justin's wedding album arrived! I am particularly excited about this one because they chose some of my FAVORITE images to grace the pages...AND they ordered it in Dark Cherry - so beautiful! We always get a little giddy when our client's albums are delivered! I love the new leather smell and the crisp bound pages. Holding a finished album in your hands feels like you've come full circle. The memories are complete :) Well at least that's how I felt when we finally ordered our wedding album. For awhile, we had all of our images saved on our computer, but it wasn't the same as having a finished product in my hands. It was a completely different experience to see our wedding images displayed as a story, from start to finish.

It took me realizing the importance of a tangible wedding album myself, to see the value in albums for our clients. I want them to walk away with a keepsake. A keepsake that's so special it has it's own place on the coffee table. A keepsake so irreplaceable that it's one of the things they would grab if their house was on fire. A keepsake that will stand the test of time for their grand kids to see one day.

To create this special keepsake, we had to start at square one...finding the right album company. After researching all of our options, Troy & I switched over to the SoHo book from Renaissance Albums. Their quality and sleek design are what initially attracted us to them. The SoHo's beautiful thick pages lay flat and the seam down the center is close to invisible. Before finding Renaissance, we were ordering our albums through Kiss Books. They were pretty similar in design, but their bright color options seemed limiting. Renaissance has gorgeous leather colors like canary yellow, cement grey (my favorite), avocado, gorgeous dark cherry and other tasteful options.

The next step in providing our clients with a special keepsake book is actually designing it. We do all of our album design in house, occasionally using templates by Sarah Rhoads from H20 Creative. When in design mode, I use the French accent on my name (Aimée) as it seems to keep the creative juices flowing. Hehe. To start this process, we ask our clients to choose the majority of their images & then I add complimentary images to better tell their story. Although sometimes it can slow down the process - I think it's important for our cliente to choose most of their own images - after all, this is their keepsake album. What we think looks best from a photographers perspective might not be the image they like best - maybe even for sentimental reasons. Once the design is complete, we show our clients the preview and make any chances necessary before sending it off for print.

Sigh. And then it arrives in a sleek black box on a day like today. A glorious day.