Our 2 year Film Anniversary

It's crazy that it's already been two years since we first dabbled in shooting film. I think it's made us better photographers in a lot of ways...and it has also taught us to trust ourselves and our instincts with light. We have really learned so much. We aren't the snobby type when it comes to film. I think film and digital are both great and important for different purposes. Film has such beautiful coloring and is so soft, while still maintaining a lot of detail. Digital is fast to use and is great for capturing movement and candids.

Sometimes we meet with clients who don't know what film photography is. Troy always explains film as being similar to records. Some people really love the richness and authenticity in the sound of spinning an old record. For other people, music is music and they prefer listening to their MP3 player.

As photographers, we can really see and appreciate the quality and challenge of shooting film. It's fun and exciting for us to shoot a few roles & drop them off at the lab to get developed. It's always such a magical feeling when it's time to get our scans back. Kind of brings us back to when we were kids and used to get "doubles" developed for friends.

The more we shoot it, the more we love film. Here's a throwback shot from our first roll of film two summers ago. A little french toast breakfast at Fremont Diner in Sonoma :) To see more of our film posts, click HERE.